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Sun-Sentinel/AP: More Americans Commuting by Bicycle

The AP and Sun-Sentinel choose a positive spin on bicycle commuting...
By Terence Chea
The Associated Press
Posted May 17 2006
SAN FRANCISCO · Fed up with sitting in traffic and paying more than $50 to fill his tank, Scott Morrison ditched his gas-guzzling pickup and started biking to work.

Rain or shine, Morrison now bikes the six miles from his home in Fairfield, Calif., about 45 miles northeast of San Francisco, to the packaging plant where he works as a machine operator. Six months after switching to two wheels, he feels more relaxed and healthier, having lost nearly 50 pounds.

"Every time I get on the scale, it's like I'm getting rewarded for riding to work," said Morrison, 38. "The two biggest complaints people have are not having enough money and obesity. I'm taking care of both."

As gas prices climb to record highs, more Americans seem to be abandoning their cars and biking to work to save money at the pump. This week, as cities across the country celebrate National Bike to Work Week, advocates are promoting bicycle commuting as a way to trim transportation costs, get in shape and help the environment.

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I was reading your blog and thought that you would be interested in the following information that was issued recently as a press release. Also I noticed that the blog is getting out of date and that this might at least be information that you liked and you would post it. Anyway, I hope that you find this of interest.

Carbon Conscious Cyclists Increase Safety with Battery Free, Pedal Powered Lights from Pedalite International

• 360 Visibility Pedal Lights continue flashing when the pedalling stops
• Used by UK emergency services, commuters, cycle clubs, school children, and Students
• No batteries, no maintenance, fit and forget
• Protecting the environment, by eliminating batteries, and protecting cyclists

24 July 2007 – Carbon conscious commuters will no longer have to worry about not being seen by motorists on their cycle journeys to and from work, thanks to new battery-free, pedal-powered lights, from Pedalite International Ltd, part of the Mpower1 Group.
The pedal lights are powered by kinetic energy from pedalling. They light up as soon as the cyclist starts pedalling and provide 360 visibility enabling the bike to be seen by motorists from any angle, including, vitally, up to 1km away, from the side. These always-on lights require no battery and provide additional bike lighting to improve visibility and are an essential back up if other battery powered lights fail or are not turned on.
The pedals harvest and store the existing energy that a cyclist uses enabling the lights to uniquely stay on for up to five minutes, even after the pedalling stops. This will help increase cycling safety, as 75% of accidents happen at, or near, a road junction (RoSPA 2005), where cycles are often viewed from the side.
There has a major rise in the number of UK cyclists in recent years in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and improve health. In London alone, an 83% increase in cyclists over seven years was reported by Transport for London in May 2007. But safety is still a major concern. Whilst the number of pedal cyclists who were killed fell 1% to 146 last year, the number seriously injured rose 4% to 2,296 according to the Department of Transport. This definition includes brain injuries and paralysis and comparatively more minor injuries such as broken bones. Thousands more cyclists are slightly injured and many of their accidents go unreported.
Simon Theobald, Managing Director of Pedalite International commented, “For cycling safety to increase, it is essential that cyclists can be clearly seen by motorists from any angle, particularly from the side which is often a blind spot for cars and a major cause of accidents. Cycling has never been so popular. One only has to look at the number of government and employer-backed initiatives which are currently encouraging people to ditch their cars in favour of bikes and reduce their carbon footprint whilst improving their health. However, safety must come first. Cycle lights are an essential part of the safety equation. Cyclists can not simply rely on their traditional battery-powered front and rear lights – the batteries frequently run out, are forgotten to be turned on and as we have seen this summer, the sky darkens during the day with a storm and cyclists become virtually invisible. Pedalite’s battery-free pedal lights are always on, providing a no hassle way for cyclists to ensure they are never without lights, whatever the circumstances.”
He added, “Made using unique patented technology, they not only light up when the pedalling starts but stay on after the pedalling stops which is totally unique in the market; the use of lights on pedals also makes the cycle seem wider to the motorist and you can actually notice a wider berth being given to bicycles with Pedalite pedals..”
Globally 15 billion batteries are thrown away each year; in the UK alone that is over 20,000 tonnes of batteries. Battery disposal has become a topical subject in the UK as we have become aware of the dangers and implications of disposing up to 300 million batteries in landfill sites each year. Pedalite pedals are protecting the environment by eliminating batteries and always on to help protect cyclists
Road Cycling UK dubbed the product, “a fantastic product… I can’t see why they shouldn’t be fitted as standard on any bike,” and the lights are currently being used by emergency services, including multiple police forces, commuters, school children, students, cycle clubs, government departments and cycling enthusiasts. In addition major blue chip companies are offering them to their employees as part of its corporate social responsibility programme.
This month, Pedalite was acquired by the Mpower1 Group of companies; a major business development organisation, who has increased investment, accelerated product development, attracted celebrity endorsement for Pedalite products, initiated a major marketing campaign and underwritten the future of Pedalite.
As a result of these investments, the Recommended Retail Price of the autumn/fall supply of Pedalite Pedals has been reduced by a third from their 2006 price to £34.99 (or US$59.99). The product is currently available worldwide and already used in 22 countries; along with a specialised toe clip, it can be purchased online at
Key features of the Pedalite Pedals are:
• Flashes front, back & sides when pedalling starts for essential 360 visibility
• The only pedal that keeps flashing even when pedalling stops (up to 5 mins.)
• Visible 1 km away
• Very simple, standard fit on all adult & child bikes (from age 9)
• No batteries, no maintenance: fit & forget!
• Tough & durable with 1 year full warranty
• Non-slip surface and supergrip studs
• Make cycles seem “wider”; motorists give a wider berth to cycles with Pedalite pedals
• Compatible with Pedalite Toeclip
• Always on, you never forget to turn them on
• Unique, patented, technology to help you put safety first

Editors Notes
About Pedalite International Ltd
Pedalite International Ltd, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies ( offers unique non battery dependent pedal lights. The company was founded in 1998 by Chris Stimpson and Richard Hicks following a near-miss accident in Kingston-upon-Thames involving a bike cycling without lights. It was a dark and rainy night and Chris Stimpson drove to the Wych Elm pub in Kingston-upon-Thames to meet with friends on a Wednesday evening. Rounding a corner he had to swerve suddenly to avoid a bike without lights that “came from nowhere”.

Relieved that an accident had been avoided he arrived at the pub and a conversation ensued with one of the friends he was meeting there, Richard Hicks, an engineer and an inventor with a number of patents already to his name. It was agreed that something was needed that would be the third great lighting essential on a bike (along with front and rear lamps). It would require no maintenance. It would flash and keep flashing without the need for batteries and, unlike a dynamo, it wouldn’t fade when you stopped pedalling.

In other words, if you got on your bike, you had lights that were on all the time and couldn't be turned off. The idea for Pedalite was born. The Pedalite pedal lights are now sold and used in 22 countries and can be purchased for immediate dispatch for £39.95 from

In July 2007 Pedalite was acquired by the Mpower1 Group of companies; a major business development organisation, who has increased investment, accelerated product development, attracted celebrity endorsement for Pedalite products, initiated a major marketing campaign and underwritten the future of Pedalite.
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